“We can’t do anything after our children have left home”.

The above struck a chord with me while I was in a conversation that span through politics, governance, and education, with a very elderly man I paid a courtesy visit to in my usual manner to drink from their well of wisdom. So they all know my biases towards family and parenting; whatever engagement will naturally dovetail to this space, and they would not hold anything back in their advice.

” Akinola, whatever time you have with your children now spend it wisely and qualitatively because you can’t do anything after your children have left home, but you can impart that training while they are home, keep trusting the process and anticipate that God will keep His promises in their adult years……that’s all you need”. He remarked.

This is a priceless admonition from an elderly who has seen it all.

This piece of advice might be useful to someone here.

Let me say it again; you can’t do anything after your children have left home.

Thank you.


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