If you have lived any number of years on earth, you know that life is
full of ups and downs. That’s a fact.
We all experience difficult times in our lives at any inevitable moment.

Some may be experiencing the death of a loved one, while some may be
dealing with a job loss or adjusting to a life change. We do have them
in different degrees at a moment.

But It is only on rare occasions that you see people experiencing common
and collective pains in the hands of a few who has made people pawns in
their bid to perpetuate wickedness. This is what many of us in Nigeria
has been encountering in the past month with no respite in sight

The fuel and energy crises amid other challenges we have to deal with
are traumatizing.
I identify with you. We are in it together.

All I can tell you is to encourage yourself and I have done to remain
relaxed; while this last.
It’s a phase, it shall pass. I am sending you a load of hugs.

I host a free parenting assessment session every Tuesday in 2022.
Please, do reach out to the office should you want to be part of this
free session

Thank you
Akinropo Akinola

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