This is for fathers

I’d like to share a few things with you that my friend who came visiting today on a business call shared with me

The guy is a workaholic who sacrifices all to give his best for the family. Our discussion was a no hold barred. Despite the resounding business success he realised he hasn’t developed himself enough as he’d because of business engagement. He knew money is coming but at a heavy cost to his personal development.

I can relate with his position. I was here before; there were times in my life that it was all about making money, money, money and nothing else mattered but my bank account.

Some of us fathers are still here. We fail to tend to ourselves in personal development and eventually are unable to really serve our household at a LEVEL.

We are starving intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. We fake it for some moments but eventually run out of gas. We create little or no time to fill up our gas; we are emotionally and intellectually starving

Self-leadership involves a deep knowledge of self, a set of morally high values that define who you are, self-control and a commitment to the cause of the family

Stream 2 of The Pathway To Fatherhood course (PTF) will start on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, where we will be revealing to the participants dimensions of personal development needed by fathers to make their fathering easy.

Please, stay tuned for detail and save this date

Fathers need to FEED themselves so they can feed their household well.

Thank you.


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