The Leader in all spheres people want

The leader in all spheres people want

The people don’t want a leader who impresses them but will probably be interested in a leader who identified with them.

They want a human as a leader, not a walking encyclopedia

This looks like an old cliche, right?

but it is true.

People yearning for leadership, don’t care about your race, ethnicity, and colour.

Please do remember that they don’t also care how much you know or how intelligent you are until they know HOW YOU CARE!

Now, let’s reflect and respond as individuals;

Do the people you lead know how much you care about them?

Do they share openly with you their worries, desires, and aspirations?

Do you know the greatest emotional need of the people you lead?

If you do,

What are they?

Leading or desiring to lead from the above standpoint is a recipe for good governance expected of you in your sphere

You are a leader

How fairing are you?

Thank you.


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