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Nothing in this life is not worth waiting for. Especially when it has to do with the decisions that have multiplier effects on others.

Please permit me to share with you a short story of a frustrated student and an old woman. One day the students became so frustrated with his studies that he threw his books away. He stopped attending classes. After a couple of days he was wandering down a street and saw an old woman rubbing an iron bar against a stone. The young man asked, “what are you doing?” The old woman responded, “I am making a needle.” Did you get that?

Ladies and gentlemen I bring to you today one of the vital rear life skills any mankind can have. It’s so strong and captivating such that it’s deficiency can mar, alternate, and stagger the whole existence of human race.

As caregivers we face issues in all fronts with our children and more so other needs still as a matter of exigency to be alert, heedful, and attentive, to our responsibilities. I can understand our genuiness and sincerity in our quest to bring the best out of our children by the way we train them. We expect quick compliance and adherence to the tenets of solid parenting we offer. There is no problem about that. Understood perfectly.

As necessary this may be it is expected equally to have the understanding of the reading and comprehensiveness of the child’s mind in relating with most of our instructions. Children at times lack indepth and discerning analysis of our genuine intentions to be able to put them in positive perspectives at least to conform with what we have. They cannot always see the long rage view, and also unaware of the complex consequences of most everything we do.

There’s no such proof of truth in a quick suggestion that children are deliberately stubborn, disobedient, or wayward, and must be tamed early accordingly. No such thing. Every child is on a journey of destination unto perfection. They are in a transition consciously under the watch of intentional parents who wouldn’t give to cheap blackmail.

If children cannot grasp the wisdom our training choices today, dear parents do not panic. Do no fret. Do not be deterred. Someday when they’d need those beautiful nuggets most and they will apply them. By then they would have known too much candy hurts the body.

To make these efforts worth the while and ward off impatience please do explain your reasons for every choice made but we must equally prepare for the protests however little. But I promise you the understanding and complete comprehensiveness of the training will come into full action at the fullness of time.

Patience is unbiased. Knows no color. But we have it in variance in some persons; many of us have in particular aspects of our lives while it is obviously lacking in another. It is not out of place as parents we can display the highest level of patience in our various offices; we take all manners of flaks and insults from friends, colleagues, and bosses. We could display high level of gentility while in the road as we daily receive scratches and scuff on the road from our fellow drivers. We soak the tensions.

But we always give such a no go area at home. I tell you dear, in patience we learn resilience, perseverance, and ultimately forbearance, to love the kids the more regardless what they do right or wrong. Even what they fail not to do.

In patience we earn everything. Here, respect is natural just as duck take to water. It is not by coercion. It is possible we arm twisted them into submission when in fact what we have successfully achieved is subdue and we thought it worked. Oh wait! A subdued child will one day get even at the parents and later on move to the domain of risks. We wouldn’t want this.

In patience we learn the in depth knowledge of the child’s temperaments. No one succeeds in connecting to others without knowing who the other person is. It’s just impossible. Get to know and comprehend the child. Our emotions are put in check and control.

Truth is deficiency in patience leads us to have poor relationships with others. I enjoin us to be patient towards our children. In patience we have the rear opportunity to appraise our performance at home. It gives us the inroad to know the effectiveness and efficiency of the family plans we possess. But this is not so always in our homes as we impatiently allow what is obtainable to mean obedience in other neighbors children to be our benchmark. This is a display of low self esteem.

Please let’s share below together how we can overcome impatience in our parental role as caregivers

1. Forgiveness. This is key. In forgiveness we would have obliterated the unsavory flavor of prejudice from our minds. What a child does wrong in the past and necessary discipline measure was taken shouldn’t be brought forward when another infraction is noticed.
2. Let go anxiety. Disquietness, uneasiness, and nervousness, make a mess of your acumen as caregivers. Our endless bid to always looking for a quick fix that always bring short term benefits but long term damnation should be excused from our parenting tools box.
3. Be at peace with yourself. Nothing bothers, disconcerts, or unnerves, a peaceful mind. He sees everything from the eye of positivities. Regardless the social infractions.

Dear caregivers we must understand this-day therefore if we are patient in one moment of anger, we will escape a hundred days of sorrow. We were patient to wait on God’s promises for us to come together as husbands and wives. We exhibited uncommon patience during courtship. We endured our indifferences just to make ourselves happy and make everything work in those tough areas as bachelors and spinsters. Now the children have come in and suddenly from obscurity the aura of that value of patience begins to ebb away, we have unknowingly stepped in the journey of rushing them into the future only for them to become troubled adults. We can’t do just this


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