Passion is not enough, get wisdom


I often ask caregivers ; teachers, teen coach, parents, and faith based youth handlers, what informed their strong decision to work around the children, and expectedly the answer has always been ‘I am just passionate about kids, I love them around me…… inget to hear this and other emotional responses just to suggest being around the kids is natural to humanity.

The pursuit of passion alone to impact one’s world effectively is never the problem but how effective is the flavor of passion as to the positive delivery on the job. passion drafts you to an assignment, but wisdom gives direction to the why and how of the assignment

The stronger your passion is , the deeper and fiercer is your temptation towards selfishness. But to prevent one from drifting to the region of ignorance one must know when to draw a line between passion and wisdom; a person of passion is most eager to put others right , but a person of wisdom first puts himself right.

So if anyone is passionately anxious to reform an institution as parenting and family system he/she must first reform him/herself.

Wisdom helps parents to move on the wings of aspiration to mediation; from ignorance to knowledge; and finally from darkness to light.

Dont just be passionate about parenting, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the institution is principal. Get it.

Akinropo Akinola
CEO, Parenmark School of Parenting

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