I enjoyed this movie; ‘PASSING’ (PG-13) just now.

It’s the story of Clare, a black woman who passes for a white woman during the 1920s while she was living in New York.

Though the movie is an adaptation of Rebecca Hall’s novel about a woman who secretly lived a lie simply because she wanted to enjoy the perks of being white and didn’t want to endure the treatment minority received a hundred years back.

The burden the character Clare carries inside her becomes too heavy than what she could imagine. Everywhere she goes (friends, lounges, stores), her hidden reality unknown to her white husband John but known to her friend Irene, stares her in the face.

Her undoing is She longs for a reality that is not fully in her grasp and wants to lead a life of integrity, even if this will mean giving up her duplicity past

The lesson I learned in this movie is to live your true Identity and honesty.

It’s a great conversation starter to teach ourselves and those we lead on true identity.

I also draw wisdom from the agelong Yorùbá parlance; ‘Bí ‘ró bá lo l’ógún odún; òdodo á ba lésèkesè’ (if a lie travels for decades it only takes a day for the truth to outsmart it )

Please, search for this on NETFLIX. It’s a must-see movie

It’s a great way to start the week. ✌️ 😀

Thank you.


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