Mr Akinropo Akinola is a passionate catalyst for change who has the mandate to increase the quality of parenting and the methodology of nurturing African Children as well as families into greatness while maximizing their full potentials.

He is an accounting graduate from The Federa Polytehcnic, Ilaro, Ogun state,
Nigeria. He had a short stint in the Banking industry from 2001 – 2005, and later started a private business, major in Financial brokerage.

He had been involved in youth counselling before he was called into the Parenting ministry in 2011.

He is a member of Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM) Chartered.

Akinropo Akinola has Practicing Certificates in NLP (Neuro Lingusitics
Programming), Public Speaking, Business Consulting, Child Care, Parenting & Family Advocacy, Education Consulting.

He is also Generation Z Facilitator Certified from Growing Leaders, Atlanta USA

He currently speaks weekly to millions of parents and adults around the world on his television programme; #Legacyhutwithakinropo on Ovation International TV on ourTV decoder.

His track record on advocacy on parenting can be traced across sectors, following the need to consolidate diverse projects , efforts, and intervention within the Parenting space.

He’s a consultant, speaker, trainer, parent coach, and also and experienced counselor.

His work with several families and youth has earned him a respectable place within Education and society.

He’s the Author of the fast growing inspired work tool for Fathers to raise REAL MEN in today’s BOYS ; DADDY WHERE ARE YOU?

His latest tool work for Mothers; MUMMY, NO EXCUSES is a book that focuses on Mothers to know and have the strategies in complementing and not competing with their husbands in parenting and marriage. the ways for them to stay full and free.

He’s the Founder/Lead Researcher, ParenMark School of Parenting.

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