It was in 2015, while in a former office complex, I was having a conversation with six of my friends in the corridor. Suddenly, I heard a loud slap from one of the rooms. A bang compared to an exchange of fisticuffs from adults.

The incident got me worried and wanted to know who slapped who! Then I saw a 6-year-old boy; grabbing a side of his cheek, wailing uncontrollably. I asked who slapped you? The fear wouldn’t allow him to mention his father did. I went inside the office , before I muttered a word, the father STERNLY CONFRONTED me; “I did”. I was furious, I asked why he did that? He yelled; ‘what’s my business with how he deemed it fit to ‘discipline’ (please emphasis my apostrophe) his son?

He vituperated further; ‘look let today be the last day you will ever put your mouth anytime I discipline my kids, nonsense. He snarled. I quietly walked off his office in total dismay.

Fast forward Sunday, March 20, 2021; a phone call from the US woke me up, while I was struggling to pick the voice, he laughed out loudly 🤣🤣; it’s me;……….
I knew he had relocated with his family to the US in 2016 but never had any contact of him thereafter.

He told me he called to apologise for the way he shouted at me 4 years ago, when he dealt a huge slap on his son because what he failed to listen to while he was in Naija he paid sorrowfully for in the US.

He was caught in the same act, Police got him arrested, charged; but after much pleadings from his guarantor, his punishment was commuted to 6-month parenting training at a fee of $500. He learned in a harder way. Here’s a friend who wouldn’t attend my course for FREE 😀

Are you a parent or an adult around the child and you feel like losing it over that child’s exuberance?, please, this session is for you. IT IS FREE and available every Tuesday in 2022

Please do reach out to the office and let’s have a robust conversation together. Don’t wait till you relocate to a structured environment before you know better.

Thank you.


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