The four ethical truth of justice, righteousness, sincerity, and kindness, are as good in your parenting journey as the foundation of your life. No one builds a 25 storey building on a bungalow foundation. It is simply dead on arrival. The taller the proposed building is, the deeper your foundation. The foundation of integrity is where the edifice of your character as parents are raised. Your obvious integrity before your children is beyond mere academic conviction that you are reliable; it presupposes a personal relation to the object of confidence to believe you.

So as parents our thoughts and actions are shaped after these ethical truth, if at all we have them. They connect the dot in the performance of our duties both within and without in strict adherence to the true nature of humanity. Parenting is you. What you exhibit is what the children emulate. Children are the best recorders of actions but the worst interpreters. Kids with their impressionable minds are able have their antennas all out at once.

Such foundation of integrity will serve as a grooming ground surrounded by nutrients of ethical truth where children are purposely raised in the way they should go. The children from this soil will invariably bring honor to themselves, the parents, and the nation as a whole.

Walk the talk; lay a foundation of integrity for your children.

Akinropo Akinola
CEO, Parenmark School of Parenting

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