Generation Z

This is the generation of the society that neither many of our parents prepared for nor our government at all levels deployed educational curriculum to mitigate against the myriads of challenges the generation would face 20 – 40 years ago.

We were just on autorun. We deal with situations as they come. This won’t deliver the desired result for our children. It has never worked.

But these kids need us to be intentional about equipping them to navigate ever-increasing social ills that are staring at them in the face. They need us to prepare them BOLDLY for the future, to explore new places, skin their knees, so they are not clamped by the fear and anxiety as they enter teenage and adulthood.

We neither parent for today nor yesterday. This has been my agelong philosophy.

We failed to script an educational vision for Nigerian kids decades ago and we are painfully paying hugely for it now. SAD

Ever wondered about the unending thuggery, rituals, killings, and maiming among our children across schools and homes?

So for the next FOUR Mondays beginning from today; January 31, 2022, I shall be devoting my teaching from the stable of #legacyhut on our teenagers. Topics and questions will be entertained in this session.

Please, I will implore we forward our questions to my DM before the session starts so we can deal with them robustly in the session.

See you at 5:pm.

Thank you.

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