The entire facade of passion will crumble before any parent who latches on emotion to parent a child for the reason that passionate parent seeks to put kids right, but wisdom demands that passion is not enough to raise today’s kids, but by methodically allow our passion to go through the refining fire of processes to achieve positive engagement of kids.

We have a lot in our plate dear parent to allow passion takes the center stage. There’s rising cost of health care, education, food, and housing. We need to move on the wings of passion to productivity; from passion to power; and finally from darkness to light.

Passion in its crude state could be harmful to the bearer if not purposely converted to right solutions; it is like a moving water, it could be damned and controlled for a moment, but eventually, it will force an outlet. This is true of passion. Inability of parents to channel its energy into some creative efforts that will better their parenting journey will on its own create a physical outlet which may ultimately lead to all forms of abuses on the child and also put unavoidable stress on parents in the name of parenting.

One of the easiest ways to overcome parenting stress caused by passion is to effectively transmute its energy to bring the best out of the child. Whether we are parents, teachers, coaches, employers, or youth workers, I have FIVE critical ways on how to turn your passion to power.

1. PASSION TO POWER. Every passion has gotten innate potential of being converted to power. Show me a parent that’s transcended from being passionate to powerful, and I will tell you what knowledge has done in the life of that parents. The willpower to acquire and apply knowledge is the NOW passion , an indispensable commodity every parents must have and sell not. Please get it.

2. PASSION TO PATIENCE. Passion will drain you if it is not infused with patience. One of the best ways to do this is to detach yourself emotionally while responding to issues around the child. Your patience should grow faster than the rate of passion in you.

3. PASSION TO PURPOSE. The passion for parenting is built overtime for a purpose; to raise a child from womb unto adjusted adulthood. When you commit this to heart, our actions would then be solution-oriented, we will always act, and not react to issues around our children.

4. PASSION TO PEACE. Your passion must be subdued for peace to reign in you. This will only happen if parents are able to defeat self and focus on the child. This is when parents need fix themselves before trying to fix the child. The way of passion to peace is by purifying ourselves.

5. PASSION TO PRAYER. We cannot disdain the place of prayer in order to achieve the best result in life for us and our children. Prayer is like a proverbial plant and fertilizer; one cannot be substituted for the other. Being passionate and hardworking to parent without prayer will open our precious children to negative elements that will dwarf their potentials. Also prayer without purposeful hardwork is just a self tickling exercise. The two must go together.

Please let us create virile outlets for our passion for parenting to be beneficial to us, the child, and the society.

Thank you.

Akinropo Akinola
CEO, Parenmark school of parenting


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