I wrote here 5 years ago that one of the greatest sources of my curriculum in parenting is hearing and listening to children around me

So, this was once played out this morning when I was taking my son to school

While in the car, my son reminded me of their (himself and sister) itinerary for tomorrow -Saturday and there is a particular activity he’s been trying smuggling in but I resisted knowing full well how busy the day would be for me.

He is someone who wouldn’t give in easily on his desires; a strength I am always not comfortable with sometimes because of the huge commitment such places on us.

He brought the issue to the fore and I just maintained a straight face; “my guy, you can’t win this, my schedule for tomorrow is filled up and there is no way I’d accept that” I replied 😒 .

At this moment, his skills kicked in, toasting started, prostrating even in the car. I remained unperturbed until this;

“Dad, do not think I am unaware of the sacrifices you make, I promise you I will also sacrifice more than you do for my son,” he said.

This statement struck a chord with me.

Boom!!! 💣it calmed the frayed nerve.

Every cell within me responded in agreement with that request immediately. I replied to him; I will think about it. He knew I have accepted the offer. 🙂

It is a statement from a grateful heart that acknowledges the sweat over him and have also decided to keep the LEGACY by offering the same to his children. I am so happy.

This is what I look for. I do not want; “dad, please, “I will do whatever you want me to do” or one of those stress-induced promises

The import of this is that whatever moment we share with our children we must never forget the sight of how to convert the experience into a teachable moment. That’s the goal.

The goal isn’t immediate obedience but how they can internalise the experience

Let us pay attention to these guys. They are learning.

Thank you and do have a great weekend 😀✊



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