The Leader in all spheres people want

The leader in all spheres people want

The people don’t want a leader who impresses them but will probably be interested in a leader who identified with them.

They want a human as a leader, not a walking encyclopedia

This looks like an old cliche, right?

but it is true.

People yearning for leadership, don’t care about your race, ethnicity, and colour.

Please do remember that they don’t also care how much you know or how intelligent you are until they know HOW YOU CARE!

Now, let’s reflect and respond as individuals;

Do the people you lead know how much you care about them?

Do they share openly with you their worries, desires, and aspirations?

Do you know the greatest emotional need of the people you lead?

If you do,

What are they?

Leading or desiring to lead from the above standpoint is a recipe for good governance expected of you in your sphere

You are a leader

How fairing are you?

Thank you.




This is to all men above 40; please join us on Saturday, June 4th, 2022, as The Dozy Mmobuosi Foundation kickstarts a free mobile prostate cancer screening.

The Dozy Mmobuosi Foundation is an African focused Foundation established in December 2021and is geared toward a better, more prosperous Africa for present and future generations. Together we will fight the battle against prostate cancer in Nigeria and indeed Africa.

Please join us

Time: 3 PM prompt.

Venue: Ikeja City Mall (outdoor) Alausa, Ikeja

Thank you.




I enjoyed this movie; ‘PASSING’ (PG-13) just now.

It’s the story of Clare, a black woman who passes for a white woman during the 1920s while she was living in New York.

Though the movie is an adaptation of Rebecca Hall’s novel about a woman who secretly lived a lie simply because she wanted to enjoy the perks of being white and didn’t want to endure the treatment minority received a hundred years back.

The burden the character Clare carries inside her becomes too heavy than what she could imagine. Everywhere she goes (friends, lounges, stores), her hidden reality unknown to her white husband John but known to her friend Irene, stares her in the face.

Her undoing is She longs for a reality that is not fully in her grasp and wants to lead a life of integrity, even if this will mean giving up her duplicity past

The lesson I learned in this movie is to live your true Identity and honesty.

It’s a great conversation starter to teach ourselves and those we lead on true identity.

I also draw wisdom from the agelong Yorùbá parlance; ‘Bí ‘ró bá lo l’ógún odún; òdodo á ba lésèkesè’ (if a lie travels for decades it only takes a day for the truth to outsmart it )

Please, search for this on NETFLIX. It’s a must-see movie

It’s a great way to start the week. ✌️ 😀

Thank you.




We have made mistakes and we are so very sorry that we have disappointed the women folks, our families, and friends.

Our attitude and behaviour had been wrong and there are no excuses for them. For all the pains, harrowing experiences, and untold hardship we have caused you women, we say we are deeply sorry.

Many times we have broken our marital vow to love, to behold, and to care till death do us part. But alas! we were not there the way you needed us to be there to suggest we mean what we say

We have by our actions or inactions toyed with your emotions even when you trusted us enough to believe we will be kind to it and have our back. At best all is facade. We left you heartbroken. We weren’t there the way we should have been, the manner you really wished we should for our family and relationship to blossom.

You all must have felt so alone, so sad, and so hurt. We know it is an arduous task even for us, to face the rest of our lives alone without you. Please think of those wondrous and amazing memories and experiences we shared together as one-family. We say we are sorry.

You are such a wonderful being, exceptionally strong, magnificent, and intelligent. Your impact in our lives are invaluable and unquantifiable. Your selfless lifestyle has brought so much unspeakable joy and humongous benefits to us men folks.

This is a voice groaning in pain and full of regret. We say we are sorry.

We also understand why and how you all think we can be somehow manipulative and often dominating, because of past misdemeanor and how we reneged on those promises to turn a new leaf. Albeit, we want to say we are sorry because we feel now a universe of remorse for all that we have done to cause you the pain. We have never been this sober and broken with a contrite heart. We are so sorry.

We know that injuries leave a trail of collateral damage but only sincere apology can heal. Every marriage will be strained by the storms of life and trials of loving and loving someone who does not see things exactly the way you do, regardless of the internittent romantic honey moon vacations.

We sure know often times because of the lofty unmet expectations of us that have given you so much pain, nonetheless some of these are not intentional. They came up partly because some of us were never taught to understand human psychology and were never equipped with tools to feel and navigate through our partners emotion. This is not in any way to give insubstantial excuses to our collective failure. We say we are sorry.

As I grow up and mature deeper in family life, daily I put my thoughts together with a view to birthing solutions to the myriads of challenges plaguing us ……Nothing will and must allow family life and parenting to go in shambles.

For everything; living and none living that God created there’s a purpose. Family life and Parenting must continue to EXIST and LIVE and make humongous IMPACTS in our daily life as humans.

To the women folks, on behalf of all the men, WE SAY WE ARE SORRY!

Thank you for accepting our sincere apology.


Akinropo Akinola
Parenting development Expert