Building resilience in teens

John Lennon once said, “People thought we were an overnight success. But we weren’t at all. We’d been playing for years at thousands of concerts in front of small crowds in Liverpool and Hamburg. Sometimes for eight hours a day. We worked to keep the audiences’ attention. We played…but it was work.”

This “overnight success” was years in the making, almost in private without any glitz. Lennon went on to say, “We had a little saying when we got depressed after a poor showing or a small audience and we felt we were going nowhere.

The above experience of these great American stars is a borrowed curriculum I’d like today’s teens to work.

I conducted a multiple survey sometimes in 2020 where it was revealed that top of the elements that defines our teens ahead of Family, Faith, and relationship is personal success .

So, how do we ensure thi personal success does not consume these guys or leave them at thier prime.

I have few suggestions below on how we can bulld grits and capacity in our teens

1. MODEL. we must model a lifestyle we hope for today’s teenagers. No word or phrase can replace an example. We cannot expect teens to live by standard or grits we have not adopted.
This must work at home , if does not work at home , such capacity we want to build in them will not work in them.

The next capacity building we must give oir teens is teaching them how to evaluate the culture around them and measure it against yhe values of truth, logic, and wisdom.

We must offer principle and precepts for our teens so they can develop capacity building in all they do.

Principles are statements that summarise insights and directives to guide our beahvior, attitudes, and actions.

4. DELAY GRATIFICATION. Teens news to know that for them to have sustainable success in life they must focus on the future as against craving for the present enjoyment

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