To my fellow-men; I am happy to write you this short letter to you today.

It’s been a while I have communicated to you and a lot we have both been missing as a result of this unforced error on my part

So, a friend of mine gisted me of an argument that ensured between a couple. The wife innocently asked her husband why he chose a type of corporate dress on a Friday as against his usual dress down. Apparently, this question infuriated the husband who snarled at her why would she ask such a question. The husband suspected a sinister move and wasn’t happy about that. But the wife insisted she never meant harm. But all to no avail. The husband hinged that moment to a trust issue. But it is not

Please, may I remind you, that some women are gifted in noticing everything around them, including how their men dress per time? So, this is one of the rare gifts of the wife here but unknown to her husband

Should you have this kind of woman in your corner, do appreciate that gift and not give it a name that doesn’t exist on their radar. If in doubt, ask questions to understand

I hope this helps my fellow men 😀

Thank you ❤


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