He was out of a job before the COVID 19 pandemic kicked on February 27, 2020

By late March 2020, his daily search of hope for possible employment to cushion the effect of the economic hardship so far experienced by the family was punched after the Federal Government of Nigeria announced the economic lockdown to reduce the spread of COVID 19.

Movement impeded. Companies shut their gates. Hope dashed momentarily!

Though the problem on the covering in the home was financial but beneath the surface, they have been a family on the brink.

They have watched their kids battle with misdeeds and a stress-induced behavioural disorder. Worst still, all through the period of online classes, the kids couldn’t attend.

So, they have a handful of domestic issues to contend with.

The job offer finally came on Monday; August 31, 2020, but this joy came with a mixed impression; the emotional stress of the wife and behavioural disorder of the children.

The cheering news in all of this actually started from the beginning of the year 2020, they have sought the help of a therapist to assist them to chart a better way forward out of their predicament to save the family and the marriage.

The above scenario is what some families across the country, are going through which we have mostly, albeit wrongly attributed to the loss of income due to COVID19 pandemic

My dear Father, #COVID19 is just a mask concealing many battles and vulnerabilities we have hitherto avoided.

The greatest damage inflicted by this COVID pandemic has not necessarily been financial, but emotional and psychological. Wives and children have also become hiding casualties, often absorbing more than that we are aware of.

Dear FATHER, you may not need to HANG IN THERE any longer when it seems hope is lost; please seek a redirection

Fatherhood is a serious business 📈

Please, watch out for our September edition of PATHWAY FOR FATHERS

Thank you
Akinropo Akinola


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